About Us


Launched in 1998, Tempest Sports has become one of the leading suppliers & manufacturers of performance sportswear & equipment in the UK.

At Tempest we are passionate about sport. As a company driven by performance and innovation, we are constantly looking to move the boundaries for performance sports merchandise.

By working with teams and institutions at all levels in a wide range of sports, we want to develop and supply teams with sportswear that not only looks better than any other, but actually is better.

In 2016, we thought why should the UK be the only country to benefit from our great products, and we decided to open up a  European distributor based in the Netherlands.


How do we do it? 

It's simple! By being passionate about what we do, learning from our customers and never compromising on quality or the service we deliver.

We only work with suppliers who have the same commitment to garment excellence as we do. All the factories we work with are constantly quality controlled by ourselves to make sure they meet our standards. We also work closely with our partners to ensure constant product innovation so that we supply the best performing sportswear.


Sportswear your way

At Tempest we maintain a huge stock of playing and training wear in a large variety of colours and designs to give clubs the best possible chance of finding what they need and receiving their order in a matter of days (even next day if personalisation is limited). Of course we also understand that sometimes you want that more personal touch to you teamwear, or you play in colours that are not easily available, we also have a solution for you, our made to order service allows you to order nearly any type of garment in your style and colour way, delivery times are between 8-10 weeks and  all  our garments are made to the same high standards, with the same degree of care and attention, so you can be assured that whatever you want to order, be it traditional cotton playing shirts, or modern high performance bio-dri top and shorts, you will be wearing the best sportswear available today.